Sunday, May 2, 2010

Bored at Work... Again.

Well... It's sunday night. No customers in the store, and it doesn't help that it was snowing earlier. In May. It didn't stop for long, but it still demoralized customers, which in turn demoralized workers. And then, the customers all left... so they cut all the part-timers and sent them home. Oh well... makes me glad I have 40 hours a week, and a job.

Nonetheless, my warm bed can't come soon enough.

I'm truly glad I worked on my entry video when I did, as the weather has slowly been taking a turn for the worse. It seems to be trading off each week... Last week had good weather on my days off, so I used it to film a bunch of footage, but I doubt I can do that again this week.

My hands have been cracking easily... which surprises me. I haven't gone to the Sport Climbing Center in the last 10-or-so days, only climbing the steps outside my apartment for my video. But if I put lotion on my hands, it'll soften them up (although heal quickly), so they'll tear the calluses off easily. Not good this close to tryouts.

The one-legged squats are coming along. I keep falling on my butt if I don't support myself, but if I lay my hand on a shelf as I do it, I barely push down on it, and can squeeze out 2 sets of 6 for each leg. My left leg struggles during the last one, but that's ok.

Still working my calves at work too. Well, technically I've been working the one-legged squats while at work as well. Anyway, I can start to feel it in my legs. It's not much, but I can still feel *something*.

I *need* to start running though. I haven't done it in a while, and I need to get moving so I can reduce the time while I still can. Yet... I feel low on energy. Not motivation, just energy. It's probably just my late night schedule which forces me to sleep late and wake late, but that's just an excuse, and excuses don't mean squat, especially if I fail again at ANW2. And I'm NOT going to fail! So! I need to figure out something. And now.

A friend of mine started telling me about a friend of hers who may be looking to date someone. I saw her picture on Facebook, and found out some hobbies of her... She's quite cute, and the hobbies she does are *awesome*. My friend also said she's very nice... So I'm hoping I can meet her when she returns from her current competition. Fingers crossed... A date right now (that would go well), would truly boost my enthusiasm and encourage me to keep training harder.

Well, that's all for now. I'll put up more footage when I have it :)

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