Friday, July 30, 2010

Training - Day 2

Hello World!

So, yesterday was an interesting day. Before we went to bed on Day 1, David told his brother we'd show up at the course at 10:00. We woke up around 1:00 pm, and visited Travis' work to film some stuff, so that was interesting.

We started off heading over to the store, where David introduced me to the most awesome Peanut Butter *ever*. Now, those who know me, know I *love* eating peanut butter, especially right from the can. With a spoon. It was my fall-back food once I was required to stop eating chocolate. Anyway, this peanut butter is whipped like a mousse, and still was crunchy... Anyway!

It was fun heading over to Travis' work, and watched him do some fancy-work for the camera. He's got a lot of guts... He was jumping from stair rail to stair rail about 20 feet above steep ground... No WAY I'd attempt that :P Quite the nimble guy!

We moved on to the course around 5:00 pm, and trained a little bit. I was really sore, but downed quite a bit of aspirin, and after a little bit of running around on the course, I loosened up a bit. I didn't fail the ANW Rope Swing once, which was a big confidence booster, as well as I was 4 for 5 for beating the Warped Wall. Still unable to defeat the Jumping Spider, but I was able to hold myself for a couple steps when jumping into it from inside it.

After a bit of that, we kept working on increasing the course, building new stuff I don't think I can talk about yet. I'll just let David announce it when he's ready :) Anyway, he did some recording of us, asking some questions to Michael and I as he stood around and did nothing, all day :P (Just kidding...)

Later that night, David and I went down to the beach and ran a mile in the sand. That was fun, but David's phone failed miserably at recording the time. Nonetheless, that felt good on the legs.

We ended the day heading over to David's work, where he had the 4cm cliffhanger he built for his very first entry video built. He let me try it a couple times, with some gloves he uses. I almost had it twice... It's recorded, and I'll figure out how to get them uploaded soon. I'm just gonna post this now, but I'll re-announce on Twitter and Facebook later if I can get it uploaded.

Today, we're heading out with Brian (Whoop Whoop!) to the course, where we're going to work on some more on the course, and I'll be training specifically on the Jumping Spider. I really want to get it down before tomorrow, for the Training going on, with a digital HD camera G4 sent him just for this.

Anyway, Brian's over now, pushing us to leave now, so I'd better finish for now.

More later, maybe!

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